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SAMSUNG ENG Grain Color Sorter BEST-CH192

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< SAMSUNG ENG Grain Color Sorter >

SAMSUNG ENG Grain Color Sorter, by SAMSUNG ENG co., is a cutting-edge product developed with the accumulated technology from many years of expertise and know-hows.
It's accommodated to be used for various kinds of crops in the  world offering the optimized
system for each crop with handy operation and superb sorting ability.
(Best Series Type color sorters enable the subtlest colors and defects to sort and is SAMSUNG
ENG's representative in production line.)


< Features >

- Digital processing for sensing signal
- Independent activity between chutes
- Fuzzy function
- Detecting 0.1mm subtle colors and defects
- Max 12mode change
- 1:1 Feeder balance
- Air gun: More than 1000 t/sec.
- Real time display of sensing signal


< Specification >

Size (mm)/LxWxH
: 2640*1440*1650
Power (Kw) : Single phase 220V 50 / 60Hz, 3.0~3.5Kw
Air (Kw) :30HP
Capacity (T/H) : 3.5-6T/H